Owner is Missing in the GUI – An Easy Fix

Having a Database Owner is not something that most people think about until something breaks. Usually, people will just kind of ignore it because it is just so innocuous and uncommon for the owner to not be “present”. In this article, I will share an oddity that happens when the database owner is seemingly missing.

Usually, when a database owner is not properly configured, an error message will be thrown. I have run into an odd case where there is no error message and thus no obvious indicator that there is a problem.

In this oddball case, the owner showed as sa just about everywhere but in the GUI. Not only was it showing in the GUI, but many scripts also reported that the database owner was set. Despite all of this evidence, there was one spot in the GUI that disagreed with everything. Let’s dive in and check things out!

Owners in the GUI

Let’s start with the the problem screen in the GUI. Typically, when an owner is missing or invalid, the properties screens won’t open. In this case, the properties windows do open but you end up with odd results.

Now that we can see that the owner is a bit jacked up somewhere, we can look at a quick query.

As you can see from both of those screen shots, I have the same problem in those areas. If I look at other spots though, I get different results.

A Different Owner

Having consistency in your applications is pretty important. When I run into something that shows different results, I find it a tad annoying. In the following images, you will see that inconsistency compared to the previous images.

And in the following script results, I get the same inconsistency…

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