Extended Events Objects: an Introduction

So far, I have talked about some of the metadata associated with Extended Events (XEvents). I have even introduced you to the concept of packages, but I have not yet started to dive into the individual components of that metadata, specifically the Extended Events objects.

In this article, I will start diving into some of this metadata a little deeper as we progress through some of the core concepts surrounding Extended Events. At the base of these core concepts is the data that relates to objects. This is not your ordinary objects like we see in a database such as tables, views, procs and so forth. These are the types of objects that are specific to XEvents.

XEvents Objects

In Extended Events, all of the objects that help to build an extended event session are exposed through the Dynamic Management View (DMV) sys.dm_xe_objects. That should not be too much of a surprise after reading my introduction on the topic – here.

Querying that DMV, one will see there are numerous objects. With each release of SQL Server, this list grows larger and larger. With all of these objects, where does one really begin? Well, a good place to start is to figure out the types of objects that are available to use.

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