Powerful Monitoring for Your Linked Servers with XEvents

When I am looking for random failures or looking to resolve performance issues, one of the first things I like to check is if there are any linked servers that could be contributing to the problem. Linked servers are the bane of good performance and are wrought with all sorts of “hidden” problems such as those outlined in this article – here.

Granted there are times when a linked server makes a lot of sense. When choosing to use a linked server, it must be understood what the purpose of the linked server will be and to not abuse the linked server. Restrict the use of the linked server to a small scope and hopefully an infrequent use. For instance, I have demonstrated good uses of linked servers in my poor mans audit presentation and in my database restore solutions article.

Do you know if you have linked servers? Now is a good time to check. Furthermore, if you do have linked servers do you know the extent of use on these linked servers? It is a quick and painless check to determine if linked servers have invaded your environment.

Linked Server Invasion?

If you need to check for the existence of linked servers in your environment, this quick tutorial can catch you up to speed and help with that task. As a short-cut here is a query that can help as well.

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